Halloween is one of the few holidays when people come together to celebrate regardless of religion, personal ideas, ethnicity, or political affiliation. After all, we enjoy dressing ourselves and our kids, going trick or treating, or attending a party, right? 

This year, as the floorboards creak and owls hoot, Bitcoin is celebrating its birthday. So, if you are preparing yourself for the spookiest night of the year, why not do it together with Bitcoin? 

Bitcoin’s Birthday And Halloween

Did you know that the Bitcoin whitepaper was published on October 31, 2008, by the anonymous genius – Satoshi Nakamoto? People, or at least we are still curious whether the Halloween release was intentional or not. 

Based on the metaphorical teachings put forward by infinite Halloween myths, the holiday basically points toward two important concepts – new beginnings and the death of old customs.  

Maybe, Satoshi Nakamoto’s intention behind releasing Bitcoin on this day was to illustrate the birth of a new financial system which brings about new opportunities, freedom, and frees the world from the shackles of income disparity and the age-old financial systems. 

Over the years, Bitcoin has given bureaucracies, central banks, and large companies a fair share of nightmares, pretty much living up to the fact that it was born on Halloween. 

Halloween this year calls for a double celebration as cryptocurrency’s price surged sky high to the $10,000 level in June 2019. And, what’s a better way to celebrate Bitcoin’s 11th birthday than spend Bitcoin in exchange for some Halloween fun? 

Halloween Coin (HALLO)

HALLO – The Halloween Coin is Halloween own cryptocurrency. Based on its market cap, it ranks 1995. HALLO came out to be truly a scare to its owners with nearly zero market capitalization. Nevertheless, it’s currently trading at $0.00000145! 

Make UBER Payments in Bitcoin

If your Halloween costumes are too much for the average passer-by, an UBER ride would be your best bet to reach the party of your choice. Thanks to Fold – an app that facilitates Bitcoin payments integration into UBER in December 2018, you can now make UBER payments with crypto.  

You can purchase UBER rides on its platform using Bitcoin by simply selecting the fiat currency amount, sending your Bitcoin, and then taking the ride. 

Halloween Parade at Portsmouth, Hampshire

Macabre lovers will be familiar with the Portsmouth Halloween Parade held every year on October 31st starting 7 pm. The parade is specifically known for the contributions it makes towards social causes. Hundreds of people dressed in colourful costumes march towards downtown Portsmouth. Resting pretty close to the parade in Bridge Street is the crypto-friendly wine bar – La Maison Navarre, where you can enjoy Bitcoin-sponsored French wine to celebrate.  

The Largest Halloween Part in Zurich

Put on your scariest attire and head over to the Biggest Halloween Party in the Town. Zurich might be the most beautiful place to get a fright, but the event promises some great music, and they say they have got something special lined up for the ladies.  

If you don’t have a place to stay in Switzerland, pamper yourself at The Dolder Grand Hotel where Bitcoin payments are accepted. What’s more, Zurich is peppered with Bitcoin ATMs! So, you can be sure that you will have the best Halloween experience of your life. 

Halloween at Burg Frankenstein

Halloween might not be part of a typical German tradition, but Germans’ do have their way of celebrating the creepiest night of the year. Scheduled for October 26th, the oldest and the largest Halloween fest in the country is held at Burg Frankenstein located 236 km from Luxemburg.  

We are so keen about sending you to Germany this Halloween because the German National Tourism Board started accepting cryptocurrency payments since March 2018. So, you can use one of their partners to book accommodation or travel in Germany.  

Also, don’t forget to visit Room 77, the pub that accepts BTC payments while you are in Berlin. 

This year get you cryptos out and experience a frightfully memorable Halloween!  

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