Category: KYC & Account Verification

How can I make changes to my KYC information?

Once submitted, you won’t be able to make changes to your application. In case your application gets rejected after verification, due to the information you submitted not meeting our guideline, you will be able to resubmit your application making the changes and it will be reverified by admins at NIOC Exchange. 

How long does it take to get my account verified?

All the information you submit is reviewed both manually and automatedly before it is either accepted, rejected, or kept on hold. Though we guarantee a verification processing timeline of 1-3 days, it can extend longer than 3 days depending on the volume of signups.  

Which documents should I submit to get my corporate account verified?

You have to submit the following documents to get your corporate account verified quickly.  ID Proof  Address Proof  Certificate of Incorporation & Business Registration Memorandum and Articles of Association Ownership and Control Structure  Minutes to Open Account Document  List of All Directors, Certificate of Standing Document  Company Bank Statement Document  Certificate Incumbency Document  Authorized Signature List Document  Proof of …

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Which documents should I submit to get my personal account verified?

To get your personal account verified immediately, you have to submit the following documents.   ID Documents – International Passport, National Identity Card, or Permanent Residence Card.  Proof Of Address – Utility Bill, Dated Bank Statement, or a Correspondence Issued By The Government.  ID Confirmation Photo  Make sure that all the documents meet the technical parameters.