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Completing the KYC process is a prerequisite to getting Corporate accounts verified when pre-registering/ registering with NIOC Exchange. The information required for the corporate accounts’ KYC process varies from the KYC Requirements for Personal Accounts. 

Required Documents 

  1. Company Information 
  • Company Name 
  • Company Address 
  • Company Tax 
  • Incorporation Date 
  • Country of Incorporation 
  • Registration or Incorporation Number  

          2.Applicant’s Details  

  1. Applicant’s Name 
  2. Address Line 
  3. Applicant’s Country 
  4. Applicant’s State 
  5. Applicant’s City 
  6. Zip 
  7. Applicant’s Job Title 
  8. Applicant’s Phone Number 
  9. Reason to Apply Enterprise-level Identity Authentication


  • ID Proof 
  • Address Proof 
  • Certificate of Incorporation and Business Registration 
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association 
  • Ownership and Control Structure
  • Minutes to Open Account Document 
  • List of All Directors, Certificate of Standing Document 
  • Company Bank Statement Document
  • Certificate Incumbency Document 
  • Authorized Signature List Document 
  • Proof of Additional Document  

         4.Selfie with Photo ID 

Under this step, we will confirm your identity and ensure your account is secure by asking a good quality photo of yourself holding a photo ID and a handwritten note showing ‘NIOC Exchange, Today’s Date, and Your Signature’ – a selfie photo. 

         5.Accept Terms and Conditions 

Finally, in the last section of our online application form for pre-registration/ registration, you are to accept all the terms and conditions by checking the box. 

Please remember that the submission of altered or fake documents will result in account termination and may also lead to legal actions. 

Read about the entire KYC Process for Corporate Account Verification next. 


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