You have registered an account with NIOC Exchange; you love trading with us. In fact, you also grab every opportunity you get to tell the world about us. But, have you ever considered formalizing the relationship?  

Join our partner program to maximize your potential as well as others.  

At NIOC Exchange, we strongly believe in the importance of working together to deliver the best trading experience to our users. For this reason, we work together with a diverse set of partners through means of our partner program.  

By joining our partner program, you will be able to add value to your connections’ trading world while also growing your earnings. Additionally, you will also get access to exclusive benefits including constant support and services.  

Benefits of The NIOC Exchange Partner Program

Are you wondering what exactly are the benefits of our partner program? You have come to the right place. 

When you join our partner program, you tap into a bunch of benefits. So, without further ado, let’s dive straight to find out what those benefits are. 

  • Expand Your Earnings 

The NIOC Exchange partner program helps you enter the expanding crypto industry and increase your current earnings by giving you commissions based on the trade volume you bring in. 

  • Enjoy Excellent Promotions 

When you help us grow our business, we return the favour by giving you some awesome special offers. 

  • Real-Time Updates 

Watch how much your clients trade on our platform, and get real-time statistics – commissions, trade volume, pay-outs, etc. 

  • Sales Support 

Our internal sales team never competes with our partners. Instead, they help you throughout the journey to win every deal successfully.  

  • Attractive Revenue Model 

Earn up to 10% commissions based on the trade volume you bring.  

Learn our commission structure from the table below. 


Monthly Trade Volume 

>100 BTC 


>250 BTC 


>500 BTC 



Ready to join our Partner Program? 

If you are interested in joining hands with us, we are excited to hear from you. Head over to our contact page and fill the contact form stating your interest. We will back to you shortly!  

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