Embrace The Innovative World Of Digital Currencies And Tap Into Endless Possibilities

Regardless of whether you are a novice or veteran, pre-register with NIOC Exchange to enjoy fast and secure trading on a centralized cryptocurrency exchange. Our developers have put in an immense lot of work, so it won’t be long before we launch.

Leading up to the launch date, we are offering an early bird pre-registration option which will help you bag exclusive rewards. You will also be able to stay updated about all the events happening at NIOC Exchange by signing up with us now.

Also, our Affiliate and Partner Program which helps you grow your earnings in crypto are open for registration.

What is NIOC Exchange?

NIOC Exchange is organized by a team of passionate people who aims to put forward a licensed cryptocurrency exchange platform (Regulated by the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit, License Number – FVR000684 and FRK000591). Though headquartered in Estonia, we carry the entire world in our backpack. Our cryptocurrency exchange is safe, reliable, and investor-friendly.

Why Pre-Register With NIOC Exchange? (Your Gains)

Over the past few years, the cryptocurrency market witnessed a massive growth rate, hitting a market capitalization of $176 billion. Thanks to the features – ‘robust matching engine’, ‘professional charts’, and ‘plenty of liquidity for multiple digital assets’, our exchange outshines the competition and stands out from the rest.

Users who leverage the early-bird signup option to pre-register with us will be kept on our priority mailing service. They will also be the first to know when our cryptocurrency trading engine fires up.

So, what does this mean?


  • Pre-registering with our centralized cryptocurrency exchange will not only help you make secure transactions, but we also provide you with the following benefits. We offer;
  • Ability to trade on a regulated cryptocurrency exchange;
  • The lowest maker and take fee of (0.15%) and (0.20%) respectively;
  • Affiliate & Partner Program which helps you earn as you trade;
  • Virtual against fiat currency exchanges;
  • And, insured wallet for users*.

Are you interested?

We bet you are! Here’s another good news – By pre-registering with us, you get to start trading with us right from day one after we launch.

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We look forward to meeting you on board!

Getting Verified On NIOC Exchange

Learn how you can complete the account verification (KYC) process here.